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                  About Us

                  Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center (GCCC)  is built in strict compliance with standards of both domestic tertiary cancer specialized hospital and internationally advanced medical institution. 

                  Mission &Vision

                  Disease types

                  Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

                  A malignant tumor occurring on the surface of the nasopharynx. It has the highest incidence rate of head and neck cancers.

                  Breast cancer

                  A malignant neoplasm of the breast ductal and terminal ductal epithelium. Improved survival is dependent on early diagnosis.

                  Bladder Cancer

                  A malignant tumor of the bladder. The most common clinical manifestation is intermittent, painless gross hematuria.

                  Prostate cancer

                  Epithelial malignancy of the prostate gland.

                  Gastric cancer

                  Gastric carcinoma is a malignant tumor originating from the epithelium of the gastric mucosa. There is a significant regional difference in the incidence of gastric cancer. Compared to the south, the incidence rate of gastric cancer i

                  Colorectal cancer

                  Colorectal cancer is a common malignant tumor, including cancers from both the colon and rectum. The incidence rate of colorectal cancer is highest in the rectum, followed by the sigmoid colon, cecum, ascending colon, descending colon, and then the t


                  Painless lymphadenopathy, which can accumulate in internal organs, causing symptoms such as fever and weight loss

                  Lung cancer

                  Though the cause is multifactorial, there is a large amount of evidence showing that long-term heavy smoking is closely related to the occurrence of lung cancer. It is reported that the probability of lung cancer in long-term smokers is 10-20 times t

                  Ovarian cancer

                  Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor of the ovary gland. Approximately 90% - 95% of ovarian cancers originate from the gland, while the other 5% - 10% of cancers are from metastases to the ovary.

                  Liver cancer

                  Liver cancer can be divided into two categories, primary and secondary. Primary liver originates from either the epithelial or mesenchymal tissue of the liver. The former has a high incidence in China, while the latter (sarcoma) is relatively rare.

                  Cancer treatment

                  Surgical treatment

                  Surgery is still the main method of radical treatment of tumors, and the purpose of long-term cure can often be achieved after surgical resection of earlier cancers.

                  Proton therapy

                  The principle of radiation therapy is to useα, β, γ rays and X-rays, electron beams, proton beams and other particle beams produced by various X-ray treatment machines or accelerators to treat malignant tumors. Traditional radiotherapy, due to the na

                  Radiation Therapy

                  Tumor radiotherapy is a local treatment of tumor by radiotherapy. Radiation includes radiation produced by radioisotopes α、β、γ X-rays and X-rays, electron lines, proton beams and other particle beams generated by various X-ray therapeutic machines .

                  Professionals World

                  The concept of comprehensive cancer treatment is the current medical service standard of most large medical institutions abroad. The goal is to provide patients with more comprehensive solutions to diseases and disease-related problems.
                  On September 17, 2020, visualiz, an English journal sponsored by Science Press, was edited by Qian Chaonan, Francesco pezzella and LV Zhimin
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                  Medical Guide
                  Medical Guide
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