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                1. Patient Edition Academic Edition Cn

                  About Us

                  Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center (GCCC)  is built in strict compliance with standards of both domestic tertiary cancer specialized hospital and internationally advanced medical institution. 

                  Mission &Vision

                  Disease Types

                  Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

                  a malignant tumor occurring on the surface of the nasopharynx. It has the highest incidence rate of head and neck cancers.

                  Breast cancer

                  a malignant neoplasm of the breast ductal and terminal ductal epithelium. Improved survival is dependent on early diagnosis.

                  Bladder Cancer

                  A malignant tumor of the bladder. The most common clinical manifestation is intermittent, painless gross hematuria.

                  Prostate cancer

                  Epithelial malignancy of the prostate gland.

                  Gastric cancer

                  Gastric carcinoma is a malignant tumor originating from the epithelium of the gastric mucosa. There is a significant regional difference in the incidence of gastric cancer. Compared to the south, the incidence rate of gastric cancer i

                  Colorectal cancer

                  Colorectal cancer is a common malignant tumor, including cancers from both the colon and rectum. The incidence rate of colorectal cancer is highest in the rectum, followed by the sigmoid colon, cecum, ascending colon, descending colon, and then the t


                  Painless lymphadenopathy, which can accumulate in internal organs, causing symptoms such as fever and weight loss

                  Lung cancer

                  Though the cause is multifactorial, there is a large amount of evidence showing that long-term heavy smoking is closely related to the occurrence of lung cancer. It is reported that the probability of lung cancer in long-term smokers is 10-20 times t

                  Ovarian cancer

                  Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor of the ovary gland. Approximately 90% - 95% of ovarian cancers originate from the gland, while the other 5% - 10% of cancers are from metastases to the ovary.

                  Liver cancer

                  liver cancer can be divided into two categories, primary and secondary. Primary liver originates from either the epithelial or mesenchymal tissue of the liver. The former has a high incidence in China, while the latter (sarcoma) is relatively rare.

                  Comprehensive Treatment

                  The concept of comprehensive cancer treatment is the current medical service standard of most large medical institutions in foreign countries. The goal is to provide patients with solutions that can more comprehensively deal with diseases and disease
                  Learn about the new generation of
                  precision radioactive proton therapy technology
                  Radiation Therapy

                  Radiotherapy is the treatment of tumors through physical damage of radiation, and it is also a kind of local treatment of various new technologies of current radiotherapy.

                  Medical treatment

                  With the increase in effective chemotherapeutics, advances in treatment strategies, chemotherapy is increasingly playing an increasingly important role in the comprehensive treatment of cancer.

                  Surgical treatment

                  Surgery is still the main method of radical treatment of tumors, and the purpose of long-term cure can often be achieved after surgical resection of earlier cancers.

                  Medical Experts

                  Qian Chaonan

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

                  Good at · Diagnosis and treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

                  Matthew D. Callister

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · American senior radiotherapy expert

                  Good at · Tumor radiotherapy

                  Li Zuofeng

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · Professor, PhD supervisor

                  Good at · Formulate various tumor radiotherapy plans

                  Yuan Taize

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · Chief Physician

                  Good at · Tumor radiotherapy

                  Liu Xiaoqing

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · Deputy Chief Physician

                  Good at · Diagnosis and treatment of various benign and malignant tumors

                  Liu Qiyong

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · Associate Professor, Associate Chief Physician

                  Good at · Tumor radiotherapy

                  Zheng Yuanshui

                  Department · Radiotherapy

                  Job title · Professor, Deputy Director of Physics

                  Good at · Proton therapy, adaptive therapy, IGRT

                  Liu Huixia

                  Department · Department of Oncology

                  Job title · Chief Physician

                  Good at · Breast cancer, lung cancer, gastrointestinal tumor, gynecological tumor and other malignant tumor comprehensive treatment, malignant pleural effusion and ascites treatment, good at tumor emergency treatment

                  Jia Lin

                  Department · Department of Oncology

                  Job title · Deputy Chief Physician

                  Good at · Medical specialty: working experiences of 18 years in the Department of Oncology at provincial cancer hospital. Specialty in breast cancer, digestive tract tumor, lung cancer and palliative treatment of advanced tumor.

                  Guo Zexiong

                  Department · Urology Surgery

                  Job title · Deputy Chief Physician, Master Supervisor

                  Good at · Adrenal tumors, renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

                  Xu Hui

                  Department · Gastrointestinal Surgery

                  Job title · Deputy Chief Physician

                  Good at · Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal tumors such as gastric cancer and colorectal cancer

                  Zhou Chaoyang

                  Department · Endoscopic Center

                  Job title · Deputy Chief Physician

                  Good at · Diagnosis and treatment of various digestive and respiratory disorders through endoscopy

                  Li Yang

                  Department · Department of Pathology

                  Job title · Chief Physician, Master Supervisor of Sun Yat-sen University

                  Good at · Tumor pathological diagnosis

                  Jin Yi

                  Department · Department of Pathology

                  Job title · Chief Physician

                  Good at · Tumor pathological diagnosis

                  He Yongsong

                  Department · Pathology and Clinical Laboratory

                  Job title · Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist

                  Good at · Clinical laboratory tests, blood transfusion and clinical pathological techniques

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