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                  Projects Approved by Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center Education Fund of Medical Humanities Studies

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                  Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center (hereinafter referred to as GCCC) is committed to being a medical high ground by providing patient-centric care. With this commitment, GCCC collaborated with the School of Sociology and Anthropology Sun Yat-sen University to set up Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center Education Fund of Medical Humanities Studies.

                  This fund gained wide attention and support from the medical humanities researchers and received in total 106 projects from many famous universities and medical institutions at home and abroad, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-sen University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chiba University, etc. After rounds of review by 5 experts, 20 projects are finally decided to be funded. The list is as follows:

                  Project List Funded by GCCC Education Fund of Medical Humanities Studies in 2019



                  Research Topic


                  No. 1

                  Feng Gao

                  Encounter Management: Anthropological Research on Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases in National Basic Public Health Service Projects with the Cases of Y Village in the West of Yunnan as Examples

                  School of Ethnology and Sociology

                  No. 2

                  Yuhan Wu

                  Women’s Health in Contemporary Urban China: The Biotechnology of Care in  Preventing Cervical Cancer

                  Anthropology of The University of Hong Kong

                  No. 3

                  Feifei Li

                  “Survivors are not lonely”: Social Support Research from Civil Cancer Mutual Aid Organizations

                  Department of the University of Science, Tsinghua University

                  No. 4

                  Pengrui Ou

                  Study on the influencing factors of subjective well-being in young IBD patients

                  School of Sociology & Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University

                  No. 5

                  Huiting Zhang

                  Researches on the Real Experience and Response of breast cancer patients returning to work

                  Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

                  No. 6

                  Yuanyuan Jin

                  The Status Quo of Nurses' Humanistic Practice Ability and the Composition of Humanistic Nursing Standards from the Perspective of Patients

                  The Seventh Affiliated Hospital, Sun-Yat-sen University

                  No. 7

                  Xueying Zhang

                  Qualitative Study on breast cancer patients' difficulty in informing their minor children of their cancer

                  Sun Yat-sen University, Nursing School


                  Yiren Shi

                  Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer Pain by Alternative Therapy——Taking the External Treatment of Miao Nationality in the West of Hunan Province as an Example

                  School of Sociology & Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University

                  No. 9

                  Yingjie Cai

                  Qualitative Assessment and Intervention Strategy Construction of Early Supportive Care Needs for First-Time Chemotherapy in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients

                  Chiba University

                  No. 10

                  Chaojun Li

                  Continuous Humanistic Care Analysis of Human Organ Donor's Families Based on Dynamic Changes of Psychological Status

                  The Seventh Affiliated Hospital, Sun-Yat-sen University

                  No. 11

                  Mengru Pu

                  Study on the Construction Standards of Humanistic Care Demonstration Ward in Guangdong Province

                  Nursing School, Southern Medical University

                  No. 12

                  Mengyu Zhu

                  "It's All my fault, I Don't Do Well Enough" - the Depressed Youth's Attributional Pattern and the Research on the Hidden Social and Cultural Structure

                  School of Sociology & Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University

                  No. 13

                  Lejian He

                  Cancer Patients Network Health Information Search and Doctor-Patient Trust Research

                  Sun Yat-sen University, Nursing School

                  No. 14

                  Kun Dai

                  The Bitterness and Happiness of Fertility: Analysis of Why Infertile Women Insist on Giving Birth

                  The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University

                  No. 15

                  Zhuyun Lin

                  Discussion on Medical Social Service Mode of Psychiatric Hospital: Taking a Psychiatric Hospital in South China as an Example

                  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

                  No. 16

                  Han Ye

                  Male-Intimate Relationship in the New Era of AIDS Prevention and Treatment

                  Department of Sociology, Peking University

                  No. 17

                  Ci Li

                  Pre-Experiment of transtheoretical model-based token therapy on the Intervention Effects of Medication Compliance for Schizophrenia Patients Outside the Hospital

                  Nursing School, Harbin Medical University

                  No. 18

                  Tengfei Qi

                  Community Change——A Field Investigation of Mafen Village, Yuxi Town, Yunnan Province

                  Department of Sociology, Tsinghua University

                  No. 19

                  Tian Shi

                  Research on the Pension Mode of Floating Population of Miao Nationality in the Urban Areas in Yangtze River Delta

                  Shanghai Jiao Tong University/School of Humanities, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

                  No. 20

                  Huiwen Zhai

                  Who Decides? ——Discussion on the Decision-Making Mode of Surgical Family of Colorectal Cancer Patients

                  Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center

                  Please send an e-mail to sysuyxrw2018@163.com before April 17th (Wednesday) to sysuyxrw2018@163.com to confirm your consent, with specific name and project name in the subject line. Then we will inform you of the details and subsequent events via e-mail. You need to submit the field investigation report before the deadline and participate in the investigation report session held in the middle of November 2019.

                  Projects funded by our fund shall mark specifically “funded by Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center Education Fund of Medical Humanities Research” in project.

                  Thanks again for your attention!

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