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                1. Patient Edition Academic Edition Cn
                  Li Yang
                  Department :Department of Pathology
                  Job title :Chief Physician, Master Supervisor of Sun Yat-sen University

                  Nationally known expert in pathology. Doctor of Medicine. She has served as a chief member of the Society of Pathology, Guangdong Clinical Medical Association (GDCM), deputy head of the Skin Pathology Chapter of the Society of Pathology, Chinese Medical Association, and member of the Standing Committee of the Society of Tumor Microenvironment, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association (CACA). She is a specialist in pathological diagnosis of cancer, especially skin, bone and joint, and head and neck tumors.

                  Tumor pathological diagnosis
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                  Appointment registration
                  Appointment registration
                  WeChat public account
                  Medical Guide
                  Medical Guide
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