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                1. Patient Edition Academic Edition Cn
                  Liu Huixia
                  Department :Medical Oncology
                  Job title :Chief Physician

                  She had been working for 17 years in both  chemotherapy and radiotherapy in provincial cancer hospital , receiving and treating thousands of cancer patients, with rich experience in preoperative adjuvant and postoperative adjuvant for breast cancer, advanced breast cancer chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, endocrine therapy, immunotherapy and other comprehensive treatment, advanced gastric and colorectal cancer comprehensive treatment, preoperative neoadjuvant, postoperative adjuvant, advanced chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy for small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Familiar with all kinds of tumor radiotherapy, and have accumulated rich working experience in concurrent chemoradiotherapy for malignant tumor Lumbar puncture, intraperitoneal thermochemotherapy, etc.

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                  Medical Guide
                  Medical Guide
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